Entrusted with the management of £1billion in recruitment spend thanks to our multi-award-winning approach.

GRI in the UK is formed of Geometric Results' UK operations and recent acquisition of de Poel.

Credited with being one of the first UK neutral vendors, de Poel gained an instant reputation for transforming the complexities, commercial terms and visibility of sourcing and managing large contingent, non-permanent workforces – particularly where organisations had become disadvantageously reliant on recruitment agencies.

A management-buyout in 2016 was quickly followed in 2018 with de Poel’s acquisition by, and merger with, the world’s largest neutral vendor, Geometric Results, Inc (GRI). This new partnership created GRI UK.

As GRI UK we have a shared and continued vision to achieve positive change for clients, by creating cost-effective, compliant, quality-driven solutions to help organisations recruit and manage agency, bank workers and contractors.

As independent, outsourced workforce management experts, we review how organisations currently manage the sourcing and management of their non-permanent workers (such as temporary agency staff and contractors). We then implement easy to use technology and processes to deliver better outcomes for all, from budget savings to worker opportunity.

The success of our approach means we are entrusted with the management of £1billion in recruitment spend for our clients. We are extremely proud of the fact that many of our clients we won over fifteen years ago remain our clients today, testimony to our ability to deliver the best solutions, time after time, every time.


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