In operation since 1912, Biffa is a UK leading integrated waste management company.

We have been working with Biffa since 2009. As with all our clients, our operating model was implemented to ensure Biffa received maximum insight into how best to procure, manage and deploy their non-permanent staff needs. This ensured a focus on immediate cost save through the reduction of agency margins to a fair market value, but additionally a focus on value adds for both the Biffa management team and the actual agency workforce.

How did we achieve this? Conversely, you might think (for a neutral vendor temporary recruitment outsourcing specialist) this also means ensuring, wherever possible, that reliance on agency workers is reduced by converting temporary members of staff into permanent employees.

Through the management information that our e-tips® system provides, and thanks to the service agreements signed with our agencies, Biffa sites can use the 13-week placement period to ensure that they are making the right long-term hiring decisions. Additionally, we were easily able to identify a pool of temporary workers who had been temping with Biffa for over 6 months to a year, or more, who were also prime candidates for a conversion programme.

The temp-to-perm conversion programme has been incredibly fruitful for Biffa, with 595 temporary workers converted to permanent contracts in the last three years. Testimony to the success of the scheme is that attrition rates for workers who have moved along the temp to perm route have been far lower than workers coming in immediately to the permanent role, with attrition rates for the temp to perm population as low as 6%.

As well as a big win for the agency workers themselves, Biffa has also saved nearly £300,000 in the first ten months of this year from temp to perm “finders” fees by employing 200+ workers through this scheme.

Richard Childs, Category Manager at Biffa Waste, comments:

"Biffa have partnered with GRI for over 9 years. We operate from over 190 locations throughout the UK and Northern Ireland and without the partnership, managing our temporary labour and ensuring legal compliance would be extremely difficult and costly. Instead we have complete control and visibility of our temporary labour, and can efficiently manage spend.

"The management information we receive, paired with having a dedicated account manager enables us to make decisions necessary to improve management of our sites and determine resources.

"A key value add initiative is their temp to perm conversion scheme. This programme has enabled us to take on nearly 600 staff on a permanent basis, which in turn has created new employment opportunities for existing temporary workers and significant savings for Biffa."


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