Founded in 1982, Care UK has grown to be one of the leading providers of health and social care services in the UK.

They offer a wide range of services from mental health to care services, from hospital to care homes and pride themselves on providing a high-quality service centred around the specific needs of each individual they work with.

Care UK work to understand people’s personalities and background to create a plan of care which fits in around their lifestyles, hopes and aspirations.

The challenge

Care UK identified the importance of having a consistent level of quality care throughout their business and the services they provide however, realised that by using multiple agencies across the UK, coupled with a lack of accessible Management Information, that managing the quality of care needed addressing.
After identifying and understanding the risk, in 2010, Care UK appointed us to manage the temporary workforce across their business.

The solution

Since 2010, we have reduced Care UK’s agency supplier base by half. All of these agencies are now on the same terms and conditions, and are also regularly audited by our audit team. Combining these two elements ensure Care UK continue to receive first-class candidates from their agencies and in turn, provide this first-class care to their service users.

The visibility and control information has changed enormously for Care UK since 2010. Through our web-based electronic timesheet and invoice processing system, e-tips®, Care UK now have real-time management Information available to all operational teams across the business. Whereas previously it might have taken up to six weeks to obtain detailed spend data they are now able to extract spend data whenever they want.

There have also been a number of additional benefits for Care UK. They are now processing about 99.5% less in terms of the volume of invoices; receiving one invoice per week instead of 100 that they were previously experiencing. For their accounts payable team, this has resulted in a significant reduction in processing administration, allowing resource to be re-distributed within the business.

Care UK has also benefitted from a dedicated Account Management team, who understand the needs and requirements of Care UK as a business, as well as their service users. Being quite a unique business, offering a broad range of services, it was integral that the Account Management team could empathise with the Care UK operators and understand the daily pressures; something the Account Management team successfully continue to achieve.

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