We partnered with this UK-based manufacturer in October 2013. Their key objectives were to increase the visibility and control within their supply chain. Our client sought to achieve a clearer understanding of their temporary workforce and by working with us wanted a highly effective strategy to better inform their decisions on both current and future staffing demands.

The challenge

Prior to working with us, our client was sourcing temporary workers from 37 agencies and paying 115 invoices each week. This process needed to be streamlined in order for our client to get the maximum results from their suppliers and for their business as a whole.

In the first 18 months of working with our client, we analysed their complete supply chain to better understand the levels of service each site was receiving plus any potential compliance risks.

With issues such as a national driver shortage and an ageing workforce facing the industry, the challenge for us was to source temporary labour for our client both in terms of volume and quality.

The solution

We have worked closely with our client over the past two years to implement a new panel of suppliers to ensure volume and difficult vacancies are all filled. We ensure the supply of 120 temporary workers on average per week, across 19 of our client’s sites, 90% of which are LGV drivers. This is despite implementing a reduction in the number of agency suppliers by 27%, an operational shift that has resulted in a much more streamlined process for the entire company.

By using our web-based electronic timesheet and invoice processing system e-tips®, our client has a complete view of their supply chain and access to previously unattainable levels of transparency, visibility, control and compliance. The visibility we have given our client mitigates risk and gives each site manager confidence and assurance that their contingent labour is compliant and adhering to all temporary worker legislations.

In 2014, we worked in conjunction with our client on a vital project to implement compliance with the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). This qualification was introduced across Europe to improve road safety and help maintain a high standard of driving. Enforced by the government, businesses which didn’t adhere to hiring drivers with this certificate were told they would face thousands of pounds worth of fines.

Our contract and performance management team worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our client’s drivers hired were compliant and had the correct documentation to meet this regulation. The project was run with the absolute minimal disruption to the business and allowed our client to continue operating as usual.

In summary, by using a neutral vendor framework, our client now has the benefits of real-time visibility across their organisation. Each site is aligned and the business receives bespoke reporting from our account management team which allows our client to forecast and budget more effectively. In addition to increasing visibility and control for our client, our cost-saving framework has also saved the company between 1-2% on annual agency labour spend.

Next steps

Two years after implementing our neutral vendor framework, the processes that have been put in place allow our client to have complete confidence in the running of their temporary labour supply chain.

We are now working closely with our client to give continued added value while also being committed to monitoring and evaluating compliance.

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