Ramsay Health Care is one of the largest private healthcare organisations in the UK, operating a network of 31 hospitals and 4 neurological units. Ramsay Health Care delivers both private treatment and care under contract to the NHS.

The challenge

In order to support their operations and deliver their contractual NHS obligations, Ramsay requires instant access to high quality, appropriately qualified temporary staff at competitive rates.

In 2013, with a growing need for temporary staff, the senior management team at Ramsay Health Care identified a number of challenges:

  1. Poor visibility of expenditure and a lack of meaningful management information
  2. The need for more robust candidate quality checks and quality control to ensure the organisation was not left vulnerable to patient care and CQC inspection risks
  3. The logistical, commercial and legislative risks arising from partnerships with 100 recruitment agencies, all operating under separate terms
  4. The lack of transparency caused by agencies invoicing charge rates only, with charges varying agency-to-agency and location-to-location. This issue was compounded by some agencies charging differing rates for the same type of worker from the same agency.


The solution

Implementing our model offered answers to all of these issues. Ramsay Health Care now has one agreement with ourselves and a single set of rates/terms and conditions, with a reduced agency panel.

Our leading management information and invoicing system, e-tips®, also provided the much-needed visibility in terms of usage, activity and cost of the temporary labour force. The consolidated, weekly invoice has saved a considerable amount in terms of processing time and resource.

Agencies understand the quality of staff needed, whilst compliance is managed via the system backed up by rigorous supplier audits carried out by our team, on Ramsay Health Care’s behalf.

As a result of the partnership, Ramsay Health Care has seen a 6% reduction in relative agency expenditure.

Additionally, compliance is tracking at 98%; an increase of 50%.

Matthew Watts, Category Buyer for Indirects of Ramsay Health Care, said:

"Although this is largely an internal problem to fix, our account manager is working tirelessly with us to resolve this situation.

"I would highly recommend the approach to any Healthcare operation with a high dependency on temporary staff, wishing to gain greater control, transparency and quality whilst ensuring best overall value.

"Our dedicated Account Manager works very closely with the operational teams, providing continuous support in those areas experiencing challenges, related to supply or quality."

Next steps

Ramsay Health Care now has a dedicated line for booking temporary resource at one site, with plans to roll this out across all of their sites.

This enables them to have one point of contact, rather than liaising with up to 20 agencies, resulting in time and efficiency savings of around half an hour a day, as well as annual savings of around £120,000 compared to the previous supplier’s cost.

The work of around 50-60 recruitment managers’ time will be freed up as this will all soon be transferred to a single manager at Ramsay Health Care and a dedicated recruitment partner within our organisation, meaning significant cost savings in terms of reduced time and also the associated recruitment marketing and advertising costs.

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