Working with GRI in the UK allows recruitment agencies to supply temporary staff to more than 120 client organisations across the public and private sectors.

Why join GRI?

  • Level playing field: Every agency we work with signs a contract of supply at standard pay and charge rates, meaning all our agencies are placed on a level playing field and therefore can compete on performance and quality of staff rather than price. And, because we’re a neutral vendor/independent recruitment outsourcer, you won’t play second fiddle to our agency – because we don’t have one. If the client has an agency vacancy, you’ll see it first.
  • Increase in volume: Many organisations work with many agencies in low volumes. By being on a smaller preferred agency panel, our agencies enjoy access to higher volumes of jobs in return for standardised rates. And, once you’re on our panel supplying to one client and exceeding quality standards, there are often other opportunities to provide to our other clients across the UK. 
  • Shortened and regular payment terms: Our agencies benefit from shorter and standard payment terms by standardising payment terms.
  • Streamlined administration: Our e-tips®  system, which connects many clients and agencies, removes the need for paper-based timesheets and invoices, reducing the administrative burden associated with temporary agency labour.
  • Visibility and control: e -tips® provides a wealth of management information that helps our agencies understand precisely where they are placing candidates and where the further opportunity lies.
  • Legal compliance: Legislation is constantly evolving, but our in-house legal team helps to ensure our agencies are aware of the correct process to follow. e-tips® also provides compliance visibility, for example, flagging when candidates have reached their qualifying period for AWR or supporting GDPR and IR35 compliance. 
  • Training and support: Once set up on e-tips®, you’ll receive training on how to use the system. Our team of experts will support you with any account, system or finance queries – and liaise with clients on your behalf.
  • Industry insights: Benefit from the latest advice, guidance and information on the topics that impact temporary staffing - from legislation updates to best practice ways of working - from GRI's market intelligence team with exclusive access to our Agency Support Hub. 


There are two routes to join the GRI supply panel.

1) If your agency has never supplied to GRI, the first step is to complete our Agency Expression of Interest (AEOI) form

When panel places match your geographical and job expertise (as entered into the AEOI), we get in touch either by email or phone to see whether we can form a partnership and to take you through the onboarding steps for your agency onto the GRI panel. Please note, when completing the AEOI, only add those areas you could cover immediately, rather than adding new regions you intend to supply in the future. We can only partner with agencies that can provide immediate quality cover. If you have any queries regarding your application, contact

2) If you have previously supplied to GRI  and wish to do so again, but your supply contract has lapsed, you would complete our renewal form, which will be considered as panel opportunities arise. If you have any queries regarding your application, contact


Whether you are a previous partner or a new prospective supplier, we recommend you follow GRI on LinkedIn, as we may occasionally post ad-hoc requirements for new agencies if we cannot secure a partner from either waiting list.


We follow a rigorous assessment process, including Companies House checks, proof of insurance documents and taking you through our contract and KPI standards. Once you are on our panel, as part of our service commitment to our clients, panel agencies will need to prepare to be audited on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure that you uphold the required standards and that the necessary regulatory checks are being carried out, including compliance with the Modern Slavery Act.

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