We identify, procure and manage a quality supplier network to meet client demand. 

Working with GRI in the UK gives suppliers the potential to supply temporary staff to more than 150 client organisations across the public and private sectors.

Managing over £1billion worth of recruitment spend every year in the UK, it is obvious why more than 3,750 suppliers choose us as a route to market.

The benefits of working with GRI UK

Level playing field 

Every agency we work with signs a contract of supply at standard pay and charge rates. This means all our agencies are placed on a level playing field and therefore can compete on performance and quality of staff rather than price. And, because we’re a neutral vendor/independent recruitment outsourcer, you won’t play second fiddle to our own agency – because we don’t have one. Put simply, if the client has an agency vacancy you’ll see it first.

Increase in volume 

Many organisations work with lots of agencies in low volumes. By being on a smaller preferred agency panel, our agencies enjoy access to higher volumes of jobs in return for standardised rates. And, once you’re on our panel supplying to one client and exceeding quality standards, there are often other opportunities to supply to our other clients in the UK or across the world, through GRI’s global contracts. 

Shortened and regular payment terms

By standardising payment terms our agencies benefit from shorter and regular payment terms.

Streamlined administration

Our e-tips®  system which connects many of our clients and agencies together removes the need for paper-based timesheets and invoices, reducing the administration burden associated with temporary agency labour.

Visibility and control

e -tips® also provides a wealth of management information which helps our agencies to understand exactly where they are placing candidates and where further opportunity lies.

Legal compliance

Legislation is constantly evolving but our in-house legal team helps to ensure our agencies are aware of the correct process to follow. e-tips® also provides compliance visibility, for example flagging when candidates have reached their qualifying period for Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) or supporting on GDPR compliance. 

How do I become a GRI partner agency?

We are always looking for high quality partners for when opportunities arise on our panels. We post any ad hoc requirements for supply and formal panel place opportunities on our sector specific GRI UK LinkedIn pages which you can follow for notifications. 

You may also wish to register your interest for future supply opportunities on this quick and simple online form.  Should any panel places come up which match your geographical and job expertise, we may well be in touch either by email or phone to see whether we can form a partnership and to take you through the steps of onboarding your agency onto the de Poel panel. Please only add those areas you could cover immediately, rather than adding new areas you intend to cover in the future, as we can only partner with agencies that can provide immediate quality cover.

The onboarding process

We follow a rigorous assessment process. This includes Companies House checks, proof of insurance documents and taking you through our contract and KPI standards. Once you are on our panel, as part of our service commitment to our clients, panel agencies are additionally audited on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure that the required standards are being upheld and that the necessary regulatory checks are being carried out, including compliance with the Modern Slavery Act.

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