Since we trailblazed onto the scene in the millennium, we have built a reputation of being the provider of choice to the private sector.

GRI works with major private corporates in the UK across multiple sectors including automotive, retail, manufacturing, logistics, construction and waste.

We help organisations transform their approach to recruiting and managing their non-permanent blue collar and white collar contingent workforce, through our technology and account management.

Typically, organisations that approach us from the corporate sector are multi-site with tens of millions of pounds of recruitment spend channelling through multiple (sometimes hundreds of) recruitment agencies.

We start by analysing recent agency invoices for temporary workers supplied. This typically reveals disparity between pay rates, charge rates and legislative requirements. In the corporate sector, it is not unusual to find agency charge rates that are 29% higher than the lowest rate being charged, or that fulfilment of staff is an issue, leaving companies exposed on competitive job vacancies like drivers.

Our solution renegotiates agency charge rates, ensures all workers are paid the right market rate, correctly accounts for legislative requirements such as AWR and then uses a VMS system to enforce these going forward.

Recruitment agency panels are assessed, enhanced and closely managed with contracts and service level agreements implemented. Client users and agency users are then trained on how to connect via our simple to use VMS technology to deliver visible, compliant recruitment, which also ensures that incidents can be reported.

In 2019 we helped organisations source and manage over 16 million warehouse operative hours and 10 million driver hours, whilst saving our clients time and money. 

We are the experts at managing peak, ensuring up to 100% fulfilment from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday as well as other hot-spot times of the year. We deliver white collar solutions too.


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