We offer the services of an expert audit team that work on your behalf to check the compliance of your agency providers on an ongoing basis.

Our e-tips® technology manages day-to-day candidate compliance documentation, enabling hiring managers to check at a glance before booking the candidate.

Every client’s panel agency is audited annually by our expert in-house audit team. This in-depth audit reviews an agency’s candidate files to ensure they have been processed to the highest standards and to triple-check that candidates have been onboarded, proposed and managed against the appropriate compliance measures.The following checks are conducted across candidate files:

  • Qualifications & Training
  • References
  • Nightworker health assessments
  • Right to Work
  • Pay Rates

In addition, each agency’s GDPR consent forms, modern slavery policy and insurances are assessed alongside any specific, additional compliance requirements for specific roles/clients.

Each audit is scored equating to an overall rating of either, Pass, Minor Fail or Major Fail. Satisfactory compliant delivery will lead to a Pass rating, otherwise a Minor Fail or Major Fail rating will apply. Agencies are colour coded on a ‘traffic light’ basis:

  • Agencies that pass are highlighted green. 
  • Those with minor fails have remedial, time defined actions initiated and are highlighted amber until they pass a re-audit. 
  • Major fails are highlighted red and the agency is immediately blocked from supply. Plans will be agreed in conjunction with client hiring organisations to either remedy the issue(s) or remove the agency from the supply chain completely. 


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